Jim Long
Jim Long By PR

Reared on movies and films of the 1950s, Jim Long became an avid reader, searching for depth on subjects he saw on the big screen, particularly the Bible, geology, and archaeology.

As program director at a radio station, Jim brought the legendary biblical archaeologist Vendyl Jones (upon whom Indiana Jones is loosely based) to the show. Riveted by the man, his knowledge and his value system, Jim became Vendyl's right-hand man, joining him on his country-wide speaking tours, taking care of all the details, and mostly asking questions.

Jim and his wife Carol are dedicated Noahides, and have begun their own film production company called Lightcatcher Productions. His first book, which was also made into a documentary, is called The Riddle of the Exodus, in which he brings empirical evidence of the Biblical story of the Israelites in and out of Egypt.

Tune in to find out who was the Noahide who was influential in creating a system of law in 18th century England; how the Jewish people can help Noahides, themselves and the rest of the world; and what rabbis have to say about non-Jews who believe in the Torah but do not want to convert.

Jim's expansive knowledge and passion for Torah and for truth simply shine through this wonderful interview.