Hurva Synagogue
Hurva SynagogueFlash 90

On Simchat Torah night, worshipers emerging from the Hurva Synagogue on Hayehudim Street in Jerusalem's Old City were attacked by Arabs. Rioters shoved Border Police officers on the scene, and attacked and beat worshipers.

When one of the worshipers went to complain to the police, he was surprised to find himself detained and questioned under warning.

The incident was described in a letter sent by Adv. Chaim Bleicher from the Honeinu legal aid organization to the David Region Police Department: "On the eve of Simchat Torah, a violent riot by minority members began on Hayehudim Street near the Hurva Synagogue in the Old City. A Border Police force arrived on the scene, creating a buffer between rioters and bystanders.

"At that time, the evening prayers ended at the Hurva complex, and my client and many worshipers went out to Hayehudim Street. The rioters, who noticed the worshipers as they were leaving the synagogues, pushed Border Police officers and began attacking my client and other worshipers, in front of the police."

One of the worshipers sought to complain to the police for beatings by the rioters and arrived at the David Police Station. "When he arrived at your station, he was surprised to find himself detained and interrogated under warning." Other worshipers who also came to complain about being beaten by the rioters were asked to come to complain the next day.

According to Adv. Bleicher, "An attack on many worshipers as they leave the synagogue, with great audacity and in front of the police constitutes crossing a red line and an incident that cannot be ignored. The area is networked with cameras and the investigation must be exhausted and the lawbreakers brought to justice."