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Joint Arab List Chairman MK Ayman Odeh clarified that there exists the possibility of turning the List into a blocking bloc to allow a government led by Benny Gantz to be established.

In a Channel 13 News interview today, Odeh said: "For us all options are on the table, but at the same time we won't give up our principles. On the contrary, all options are on the table because we want to exercise our principles."

"I'll give you an example. In 1993, there was the Rabin government. For us, relatively speaking, it was the best government, in which we were in the blocking bloc," Odeh admitted.

He said, "If Gantz goes in Rabin's way, I would be honored to follow the path of Tufik Ziad, who was the Chairman of the blocking bloc."

However, Odeh stressed that this possibility depends on the policy led by Gantz, "It depends on his direction toward peace, toward equality and democracy and social justice. It's important to mention that all these things aren't just for the good of the Arab population. Peace is good for everyone."

Last night, after announcing to the President of the State the return of the mandate to form a government, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned of the possibility of forming a minority government led by Gantz that would rely on Joint Arab List support as a blocking bloc.

"Unfortunately, Gantz's refusal indicates one thing. Gantz' people remain captive in the hands of Lapid and Liberman. Lapid who wants his downfall and Liberman moved by foreign considerations pertaining to his personal affairs. Gantz, Lapid, and Liberman only talk about unity but in practice they do the opposite. They encourage schism and boycotts, disqualifying kippah-wearers. Who do they not disqualify? The members of the Arab List partnered with them are coordinated all the way to a minority government by the Left," Netanyahu added.

"If Gantz is tempted to form such a dangerous government, I'll head the opposition and act to replace it quickly. But it isn't too late. If Gantz get hold of himself, if he gets out of the grip of Lapid and Liberman and abandons the idea of ​​the minority government, we can form the government that the State of Israel so much needs at this time," the Prime Minister concluded his remarks.