Yitzhar Junction
Yitzhar JunctionMizmor Lixenberg/TPS

The Samaria community of Yitzhar's secretariat sent out a sharp letter to residents of the community Sunday morning following an attack on IDF soldiers last night on one of the hills near the community, during which one of the soldiers was injured.

"During the night of Hoshana Rabbah, a very serious event took place. A group of boys taunted Golani soldiers who came to Givat Kumi Uri, punctured the wheels of the jeep and even threw stones. One of the soldiers was hit in the shoulder and evacuated for treatment," members of the secretariat said.

"The community sees the conduct of the youths and the attack on IDF soldiers as scandalous and shameful," the letter continued.

"We invest a great deal of time and resources to assist the development of the hills, with an attentive ear to the youth, with maximum effort to act sensitively and to bridge gaps built into a complex reality. We have repeatedly emphasized red lines in meetings and conversations, but unfortunately, the severe incident demonstrates that they are not being expressed in reality," the secretariat said about the behavior of youths.

“In light of the reality, the members of the secretariat announced, "We demand that the youths leave Yitzhar and, until further announcement, completely remove the community’s sponsorship of their presence here, and all that this implies."

Later in the letter, the secretariat noted that the incident was triggered by the intention to expel a resident from his home by administrative order. However, the secretariat emphasized, "This background not does not imply any understanding for violence and the unruly and disgraceful behavior of the youths, but is only meant to provide a bigger picture."