David Bitan
David Bitan Flash 90

Former Coalition Speaker MK David Bitan believes that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will not ask President Reuven Rivlin for an extension when his mandate to form a government expires this Wednesday.

"Netanyahu will not ask for an extension. There is no sense in it, because Blue and White are not prepared to sit down," Bitan told Reshet Bet.

"The Likud has taken a step in agreeing to a rotation. There is no point in agreeing to something else, as long as they disagree with the basis that it is a unity government headed by Netanyahu. We continue are waiting for Blue and White to get themselves together and come to negotiations." he said.

"Blue and White wants elections because because they believe that if Netanyahu is indicted, they will have higher results in the next election. They's done the math for themselves on unity and won't climb down from their tree," Bitan concluded.

Prime Minister Netanyahu believes that President Rivlin would not grant him an extension should he ask for it due to the current impasse in the talks between the Likud and the Blue and White party.

Should the mandate not be extended, it will be passed to Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, who will be tasked with forming a coalition of 61 MKs.

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