The Chilean general in charge of security in the capital Santiago on Saturday announced a curfew in the city and outlying areas amid widespread protests, Reuters reports.

General Javier Iturriaga del Campo said a full curfew would be enforced between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. local time.

“We invite all people to return to their homes to evaluate the measures the government has announced and look after their families and their homes,” the general was quoted as having told reporters in Santiago.

Earlier on Saturday, a state of emergency was declared in Santiago following the unrest caused by violent protests over a public transportation fare hike. Troops were seen patrolling the streets of Santiago on Saturday morning.

The protesters, who were mostly high school and university students, violently attacked subway stations on Friday afternoon. Thousands of commuters were stranded as the protesters wreaked damage on the stations, barricading station entrances, smashing glass, throwing large objects on the subway tracks and lighting fires.

Police in riot gear responded with tear gas and batons, beating students and dragging them away but were violently resisted and were forced to withdraw from some stations. The protesters moved the riots to the streets, throwing stones at police, smashing cars, lighting fires and looting stores and kiosks. Military vehicles tried to restore order by pushing back protesters with water cannons.