Yael Trush
Yael Trush By PR

Penina Taylor Speaks with writer, international speaker and creator of the Jewish Latin Princess blog and podcast, Yael Trusch.

Yael shares her inspirational Journey to Torah as well as some words of wisdom for those facing challenges in their own journey to Torah. Another fascinating episode of Leap of Faith you don’t want to miss.

Yael Yael Trusch is an MBA, writer, and international speaker who offers practical and spiritual tools to help women live a "joyful, richer, Jewish life."

She’s the Host of the award-winning podcast, Jewish Latin Princess, where she interviews the world’s most uniquely talented Jewish women.

Dubbed by her podcast guests and listeners “the Jewish Oprah”, Yael is an insightful, honest, and sensitive communicator, who brings out the best in her guests and extracts powerful life lessons for guests and listeners alike. She’s passionate about Jewish financial literacy & Jewish women’s relationship with money.

Thus, she authors the column Jewish Money Matters for Chabad.org, and contributes regularly to numerous Jewish publications, and her blog JewishLatinPrincess.com. A wife, mother of 4, and native of Puerto Rico, Yael has globe trotted from New York to Argentina to Chileto China to Israel and back to the US.