Israeli-Jordanian border in Aqaba
Israeli-Jordanian border in AqabaiStock

A family of 10 from Even Yehuda who traveled to Jordan this week said they were kicked out of a local restaurant only because they are Israelis, according to a Mako report on Thursday.

"The Jordanians are very nice people, warm - and they love to help. We enjoyed the trip and the views and the fact that we paid a third of what we would have paid in Eilat," Tal Meshulam, one of the family members, told Mako. "Everything was perfect until we arrived at the Rakwet Kanan restaurant for lunch."

Meshulam said that they sat down in the restaurant and the restaurant owner came over to them and asked them where they were from. When they responded that they're from Israel, he immediately kicked them out. "He simply kicked us out because we're Israelis. He told us: 'You can go to Eilat, you won't be served here.' We were in complete shock. Every place we traveled in Jordan, people told us that we're their neighbors and the atmosphere was very friendly until we got to this restaurant. It was humiliating. The waiter said he was sorry but the policy of the restaurant was not to serve Israelis."

Later that day, Meshulam told the owner of the hotel they were staying at about the incident and he offered to submit a complaint to the police against the restaurant owner since what he did was illegal. "I understood from others who heard about the incident that the owner of the restaurant is Palestinian and he's not willing to host Israelis," Meshulam said. "There's quite a lot of Israelis who are calling to ban the place. Someone needs to put a stop to this. We intend to submit a lawsuit against the restaurant owner."

A veteran Israeli tour guide who accompanies groups to Jordan says he's not surprised by the incident. "I've been in Jordan dozens of times and it happened to me twice. Once a store owner refused to sell me a Sim card because I'm Israeli and another time I went to a restaurant and the owners told me to leave because I'm an Israeli murderer of Palestinians. There's great incitement in the media against Israel and this is the result. It's not related to money but to pure religious incitement. Most of the Jordanians are great and very nice but there's a core of fanatics."

The restaurant owner responded: "We didn't kick anyone out. Maybe the place was full and there wasn't room. We don't have a policy to kick out anyone."