right-wing leaders with Netanyahu
right-wing leaders with NetanyahuLikud

The leaders of the national camp on Wednesday signed a pledge not to join a minority government led by Benny Gantz which has the support of the Joint Arab List.

New Right leader Naftali Bennett did not sign the document as he is on a trip to the United States.

"We, the undersigned, the leaders of Shas, United Torah Judaism, and Jewish-Home-National Union, hereby pledge: 'If a minority government is sworn in with the support of the joint list or any part of it, we will not join this government at any point, we will vote against it at every vote and we will act in all possible ways to bring it down," the pledge reads.

"We will only join a Netanyahu-led government that includes all of the undersigned signatories, either in a right-wing government or a broader unity government," the document continues.

Officials in the Likud party welcomed the pledge. "This pledge creates a situation where if Gantz set up a left-wing minority government with the support of the Arab parties and Liberman's abstention, it will not be able to grow and will soon fall."

"The only possible government was and remains a broad national unity government according to the president's outline. The prime minister calls on Blue and White leader MK Benny Gantz to reach an immediate agreement to form this government," the Likud added.