Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Yoni Kempinski

Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef on Wednesday morning commented on the political deadlock, urging all sides to join together to form a broad unity government.

"May G-d help there be a unity government," Rabbi Yosef told Arutz Sheva. "May G-d grant wisdom to all of our leaders and open their hearts to unity and the formation of a government, that they should not boycott anyone."

"I bless all of Israel with a happy holiday, and that they should merit many pleasant and good years. May everyone have a year of good health and light, long life and years, and may we all merit the complete redemption speedily in our days, amen."

On Tuesday night, Rabbi Shalom Cohen, who serves as the Shas party's spiritual leader, called on Blue and White leader MK Yair Lapid and Yisrael Beytenu Chairman MK Avigdor Liberman to make peace with the haredi parties and agree to sit with them in a government.

"Liberman and Lapid - know that I do not hate anyone. I bless everyone with love," Rabbi Cohen said, hinting to the fact that he is of the priestly tribe and recites the Priestly Blessing during prayers. "I am sure that you did not intend to anger G-d, only the politicians. And the proof is that He is not allowing you to form a bad government."

"I say to Lapid and Liberman now - if you join a government with the haredim you will merit that a Heavenly voice call out: 'Liberman and Lapid are worthy of the World to Come.' You will merit to acquire your world in a single hour."