Rabbi Rafi Peretz
Rabbi Rafi PeretzFlash 90

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz (United Right) on Tuesday criticized a high school in the northern town of Kiryat Tivon for planning a field trip in cooperation with the anti-IDF Breaking the Silence and Machsom Watch organizations.

In the planned trip, scheduled for after the holidays, students will go to Hevron together with extremist leftist organizations.

Rabbi Peretz said, "There is no place for Breaking the Silence and Watch Women [sic] in the education system. The tour in question is planning to meet with an organization that gives a bad name to IDF soldiers and commanders and condemns them in Israel and around the world, which we will not allow."

"The Ministry of Education will work very strongly against a school administration that does not implement the law.

"Our position is very clear: A student in the State of Israel will not meet within the school framework with organizations or people working against IDF soldiers."

Last year, the Knesset passed a law to keep Breaking the Silence and similar organizations out of schools.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Breaking the Silence collects military intelligence on IDF soldiers, as well as on the IDF's activities in Syria.