Zoabi on Temple Mount
Zoabi on Temple MountCourtesy of photographed person

Nahil Zoabi, a Muslim educator from the village of Nein in the north, stated upon his visit to the Temple Mount that the site is sacred for all religions and that prayer should also be allowed for Jews there.

Zoabi, an educator for some 25 years and the principal of the school in Tamra for some 15 years, is accustomed to ascend from time to time to the Al-Aqsa Mosque to pray to his Creator, he says, and believes everyone should be allowed to pray anywhere - certainly on the Temple Mount - without fear.

"The Temple Mount is a connecting, uniting place, and therefore every person, certainly Jews who wish to pray on the Temple Mount, has a fundamental right to do so," Zoabi said.

"Believers of all religions and faiths are invited to pray with respect and tolerance on the Temple Mount. I would be more than happy to see, alongside Muslims praying at Al-Aqsa, Jewish worshipers, praying with mutual respect."