Firefighter (stock image)
Firefighter (stock image)iStock

A natural forest fire broke out on Monday during the holiday in the Itamar Spring area, southwest of Jerusalem. Hundred of acres were burned.

Eight firefighting crews accompanied by a quartet from the Elad firefighter squadron operated in the area and after three hours managed to gain control of the fire.

Fire chief Lahav Shlomi Harush said the fire "had consumed hundreds of acres of vegetation and natural woods." He said, "The firefighters were prepared ahead of time for the possibility of holiday fires due to a combination of warm and dry weather accompanied by strong winds, as well as a multitude of hikers on the ground."

"This regular preparation, combined with a quick and professional response from the firefighters from the Jerusalem stations, with the assistance of firefighters who did as always excellent work with the help of the firefighters on the ground, and with the assistance of the JNF and RAG, we were able to prevent severe damage to nature, hikers and communities near the fire area", Harush concluded.