MK Yaakov Asher
MK Yaakov AsherHillel Maeir/TPS

MK Yaakov Asher (United Torah Judaism) claims that it will be possible to form a new government only after the leaders of the major parties connect with values ​​and not with futile spins.

"One of the delusional things that is happening now is that they are talking about a unity government, but without haredim and without settlers who are called 'messianic'. When they start talking without these delusional slogans, progress can be made," Asher said in an interview on RadioKol Chai.

Third elections are not unreasonable in light of the current conduct, he continued. "It is expected that the leaders of the largest and second largest parties will connect to values ​​rather than to spins."

In his remarks, Asher commented on a possible partnership between the haredim and Yair Lapid of Blue and White, saying, "Lapid is not worthy of partnering with us. Being anti-haredi is automatic for him. On the other hand, Ya'alon, Gantz, Ashkenazi and Hendel have no hatred for haredim. They had a campaign that they now need to learn how to back down from.”

On Liberman's outline for a unity government, Asher said that "I know Liberman well, he is a one-man show as if it all depends on him. On the day that both sides smarten up, he will become unnecessary. He asked that we study core subjects, it’s a good he did not want us to learn the Russian language in his honor as well."

"This Liberman outline proves that he only looks out for himself. He tries to turn into the 'responsible adult.' It's like a person who tells a bride and groom ‘you will marry but only if I'm the matchmaker and rabbi at the chuppah’, these are spins that are even less than slogans. He can only make such deals with Lapid.”