Malka Leifer led by prison service officers in Jerusalem court
Malka Leifer led by prison service officers in Jerusalem courtFlash 90

Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday overturned the decision of a district court to release Malka Leifer to house arrest, Israel Hayom reported.

Leifer, who is accused of sex offenses against her students, was released to house arrest last week, but the State appealed the decision.

In overturning the ruling, Justice Anat Baron pointed out the severity of the crimes Leifer is accused of, as well as the fact that Israel has signed an extradition agreement with Australia, where Leifer is wanted.

In his ruling last week, Judge Ram Winograd from the Jerusalem District Court ruled that Leifer should be released to house arrest and that a panel of experts should be formed to determine whether Leifer is truly mentally ill or faking her mental illness.

Leifer was denied house arrest in February, and in July, a medical committee said she had faked mental illness in order to avoid trial.

In September, the Jerusalem court ordered that Leifer undergo a new set of psychiatric examinations.