Rabbi Bakush
Rabbi BakushUnited Hatzalah

An Israeli rabbi rescued a boy who nearly drowned in India two weeks ago, Mako News reported.

Rabbi Menachem Bakush, a Chabad envoy and paramedic on behalf of United Hatzalah in the city of Manali, India, received an urgent report: A ten-year-old boy from the village of Jah near the city of Teva had fallen in the river. Without thinking twice, the rabbi left his home quickly and rescued the boy.

"It's our job to help people wherever they are and to save their lives. I consider this a great mission," the rabbi explained to the Mako website, who a few days later treated an Israeli traveler who had altitude sickness, and even volunteered to fly with her to a New Delhi hospital for further medical treatment.

A few months ago, the rabbi saved the life of another Israeli hiker, who fell from a 40-foot waterfall in the Manali area, after first arriving on the scene and providing medical treatment.

An Israeli hiker posted the case in the Facebook group "India - Hiking with Miron", a large group of hikers in India, and praised the rabbi for his important work in saving human lives. "What a love, a dedication and a dedication to every person. It's amazing to me," he wrote