A woman boarded a Delta Air Lines flight at Orlando International Airport without a ticket or government-issued identification on Saturday.

Sylvia Richtor somehow managed to bypass all security checks without a boarding pass or ID.

Richtor allegedly fooled the TSA agents by claiming to be from another family ahead of her.

She was discovered only when she had taken another passenger's seat and was asked to move. She began a loud argument with the flight attendants, who called a security guard who was on the plane. They then realized that she did not have a boarding pass or ID.

Police were called to the scene to remove her from the plane. The flight was delayed over three hours.

The Orlando Police Department stated: “Delta representatives asked a female passenger who was sitting in someone else's seat to produce a boarding pass in which she could not.”

“Officers asked the passenger for identification and for her boarding pass in which she stated she threw her ticket away and did not have Identification. Since the passenger could not produce identification or a boarding pass, the officers escorted the passenger to the shuttle to exit airport property.”