Itai Margi
Itai Margipicture used with permission of family

Revital Tubul, a friend of the Margi family whose son Itai, 8, was killed in an accident on Yom Kippur, said that the driver of the vehicle which ran the boy over was driving erratically.

"Police have already reported the driver - he was driving wildly with music and drove through an intersection at high speed while Itai was crossing the street," Tubul told Channel 13 News.

"Itai was an amazing boy. There was no one who did not know him. He was so full of life. This is such a terrible blow," she said.

The driver, Abu Luban from Ramla, claimed Thursday morning that he was obeying the traffic laws, was not speeding, and that he did not see the child.

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court extended his remand by four days.

Earlier, Luban had undergone a breathalyzer test and was found clean, and it had earlier been reported he passed a blood test to establish he was not under the influence of drugs. However, police reportedly found drugs in his vehicle.