Yamina breaks up
Yamina breaks up Hezki Baruch

The 22nd Knesset's arrangements committee on Thursday morning unanimously approved the split of the Yamina faction into two factions, as per the request of the parties that comprise it.

The two new factions after the split will be the New Right on the one hand, and the Jewish Home-National Union on the other.

The split was approved after a series of postponements, and despite opposition to the split among some senior Yamina members. However, following the agreement between the parties before the elections, the split was finally made.

During the committee discussion, which lasted only a few minutes, MK Matan Kahane of the New Right said, "As we promised our voters, we want to split."

MK Ophir Sofer of the National Union then said that he hoped that at least the Jewish Home and the National Union would not split into two factions.

Recall that earlier this week the regulating committee was scheduled to convene to approve the split, but following a cabinet meeting and MK Kahane's reserve service, the hearing was canceled.

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