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Minor "A" from the Duma affair was recently integrated into a pre-military preparatory course for the possibility of recruitment to the IDF or integration into national civil service.

He lives in an educational volunteer agricultural program and undergoes fitness training to be eligible to enlist in the military, reported Yediot Ahronot newspaper this morning.

A's incorporation into the program began several weeks ago after the Lod District Court ordered his integration into rehabilitation in a pre-military preparatory academy.

The program is characterized by a life of order and discipline with set wake-up hours, fitness training prior to recruitment, and conversations with military officials. Sources in the preparatory environment say A is taking part in all activities and has integrated socially.

In July 2015, an arson incident took place in the Binyamin village of Duma, where Sa'ad and Riyam Dawabsha perished with their one-year-old toddler son, and another son was seriously injured in the incident after firebombs were thrown at their home. The Shin Bet staged an aggressive investigation as it was the most serious incident in Israel in recent years. At the end of November of that year, the arrests began. In the course of that, Amiram Ben-Uliel was later arrested for the murder, along with A and several others.

During the interrogations conducted on Ben-Uliel and A, GSS investigators used "special measures", a euphemism for torture. In January 2016, the two were indicted. Ben-Uliel was charged with murder and A was charged with assisting murder. In addition, the two were charged with membership in a terror organization.

Even before conducting the main case, Ben Uliel and A's lawyers conducted a pre-trial that dealt with the credibility of their confessions. In April 2018, the district court completely dismissed A.'s confessions after they were determined to have been illegally extracted.

A few months ago, the State Attorney's Office signed a leniency plea with A, under which the indictment attributing to him planning the murder in Duma was changed to a clause relating to him conspiracy to commit a crime from a racist motive and effectively detaching him from the incident in Duma. However, the question of his conviction for membership in a terror organization remains disputed and the District Court is expected to decide on this question soon.

At a hearing weeks ago, the panel of judges recommended that the prosecution continue to prosecute the minor on charges of terror organization membership. The head judge of the panel Justice Ruth Lorch even stated that "the chances of his being convicted for this offense are slim."

"We are unable to refer to the legal process and therefore we will only express our appreciation for the significant and amazing rehabilitation process that he has undergone. We mustn't forget that in accordance with the verdict in the pre-trial that rejected the confessions, harsh findings were directed against the Shin Bet who physically and mentally harmed A, damage that has not yet passed," said Attorney Adi Kedar from Honeinu legal aid organization who represents A, along with Attorney Tzion Amir.