Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked Flash 90

A short time ago, Yom Kippur ended, a day of introspection. 46 years ago, today, a war broke out in which we were able to defeat an enemy who sought to destroy us, thanks to the great valor and dedication of our IDF soldiers.

Our national memory requires us to revolt against violence directed against another nation. Such is the Turkish violence directed against the Kurdish people in northern Syria.

I have said this in the past: It is in the interest of both Israel and the United States, for the security and stability of the region, that a Kurdish state be established.

The Kurds are the world's largest nation without a country, with a population of about 35 million people. They are an ancient people that share a special historical connection to the Jewish people.

The Kurds in general, and especially those who live in Turkey and northern Syria, are the most progressive and Western in that region. They are the main force that fought against ISIS and endured thousands of deaths, under a special joint leadership of men and women.

The Western world should stand with them.

Member of Knesset, Chair. of Yamina