Peretz on condolence call
Peretz on condolence callSpokesman

Rabbi Rafi Peretz paid a condolence call at the family of Michal Sela, who was murdered this week.

At the conclusion of the mourning, the Minister wrote, "I'm now leaving the family of the late Michal Sela. It causes pain and great sadness, the sight of a young woman being murdered in the prime of her life.

"This murder should shock each and every one of us, we mustn't remain indifferent to such a terrible case. Michal was a worthy woman, a contributing woman, and a true emissary for a more just society. Her death obligates us, all of us, to get out of apathy and do as much as we can to stop the next murder,” he added.

Rabbi Peretz stated that he intends to work hard to prevent domestic violence. "I instructed the professionals in the Ministry to present me with an Education Ministry picture regarding family violence, and a meeting was arranged for immediately after the holiday with the office's executive director and myself on the issue.

"In addition, I arranged with Lily, Michal's stirring sister, to also meet on the matter. We won't let it fall from the agenda," the Education Minister concluded.