IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi
IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi IDF Spokesman

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi delivered remarks this evening during a Paratroopers memorial ceremony.

"We will not allow injury to the State of Israel, and if it happens we'll respond strongly. We will keep our eyes open, make daily assessments, and make professional and responsible decisions that lead to assault and countering threats while maintaining balances," Kochavi said.

He noted that "It is precisely on this day, as Yom Kippur stands at the gate and reminds us of the war, we remember not only the heroism and the courage of the warriors, but also the lessons of the war.

"We know that we must be prepared and relevant to the challenges of the present and the future, in terms of the forces, the type of units, and the methods of combat. Security challenges have faced the State of Israel in the past and face us today. We were equal to them in the past, and we are equal to them today, too."

He said, "Citizens of Israel can continue their daily lives, in the prosperous and unique country established here. Most of the summer months have passed quietly, and now during the holidays, many citizens visit the nature sites, families and friends meet, and life in the country continues in orderly fashion. This is a reality made possible by generations of warriors; thanks to the fallen and all the IDF soldiers and commanders."