Yoav Sorek
Yoav Sorek Hezki Baruch

Yoav Sorek, father of Dvir Sorek, who was murdered in a stabbing attack on his way to yeshiva in Gush Etzion, wrote in a Facebook post of receiving his son's belongings from his last moments.

"We have now received, after charges were filed against the murderers, by the dear investigating officer Elazar, the items that were on our Dvir in his last moments. Among them was the wallet, which mainly contained cards - and two pictures (cut from a printer print) of himself, as a child, which he kept in the transparent 'window' inside the wallet. We didn't know about that, by the way. And here's the portrait of a young man," writes Sorek.

He says, "We also got the phone, that we'll still milk for photos and correspondence, and the gifts he bought his teachers - two books, one of them bloodstained, three framed pictures of the students, one special kippah."

Sorek also revealed new details about the attack. "From investigating the terrorists, we learned that contrary to what we initially thought, Dvir was not attacked from behind without his knowledge - but was blocked by their car, attacked from the front, and tried to fend them off and shout.

"In the last seconds of his life, he must have known that he was joining the too-long list of those who gave their lives on this land, that he loved so much, and to which he wanted to add, and he did add, only a lot of life and a lot of good."

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