LibermanFlash 90

Yisrael Beyteinu Chairman MK Avigdor Liberman was interviewed by the Maariv newspaper and employed harsh rhetoric against Likud members.

Speaking about Culture Minister Miri Regev, he said: "An intellectual like Jabotinsky, if he listened to Miri Regev for one minute, who boasts that she never owned a Chekhov book, he would explode. It's an insult to the People of the Book. That's what happens when you take a beast and put her in the Culture Ministry."

Liberman added, "Today's Likud has nothing to do with the Revisionist movement. It's a collection of businessmen, from the miserable liar Yisrael Katz to the quintessential national-haredi Shlomo Karhi. For them, the Likud is just the platform for each one's personal political career."

MK Karhi responded via his Twitter account: "What the dictator does not understand is that the Likud, as opposed to his sectoral party, is a People's Party. I'm a democratically elected national-haredi Likudnik.

"The last person who can preach to me about opportunism is the serial resigner Liberman, who twice dragged us to elections and probably will again for the third time," Karhi added.