PM at inauguration of 22nd Knesset
PM at inauguration of 22nd KnessetKnesset spokesperson

The leaders of the right-wing bloc signed a document Thursday pledging to support only Binyamin Netanyahu for prime minister should Netanyahu and Benny Gantz both fail to form a government.

The Prime Minister's sensitive period is the 21-days after the President concludes that none of the Knesset Members recommended by the Knesset factions are capable of forming a government.

During this period, any group of 61 Knesset members may ask the President to impose assembling the government on one of the Knesset members who are prepared to do so, without the need for party recommendations. To the extent that no such application is filed, the Knesset is dispersed and goes to new elections.

The party leaders had previously refused to sign such a pledge yesterday, but agreed to sign it today.

Earlier Thursday, it was reported that Prime Minister Netanyahu is preparing to hold a snap internal election for the Likud Chairman, reportedly within a few weeks.

In this way, Netanyahu seeks to establish his position as Chairman of the Likud Movement and prevent attempts to bring about his ouster in the near future.

Members of the Likud Central Committee were invited to a meeting next Thursday to approve a date for the party's primaries.