Qazem Suleimani
Qazem SuleimaniReuters

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence chief announced that a "regional plan" to eliminate Revolutionary Guards Force Qods Commander General Qasem Soleimani was foiled.

The identity of group members who worked to eliminate the senior Iranian was not disclosed, but the statement said members of the "Israel-Arab plot" were arrested.

On Tuesday, Soleimani said that Israel tried to eliminate him during his visit to Lebanon during the war in 2006. In a special interview with Iranian television, Soleimani said that the assassination attempt was carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles.

"As Israeli UAVs hovered above our heads in Dahiya, we decided to move to another building not far away, and then Israel attacked. I was with Nasrallah and Imad Mourgniya [who was later eliminated]. We were sure they were going to attack the building we were in as well.

"Nasrallah and I sat under the tree to evade detection, and waited for Mourgniya to return to the car. This didn't last but a few minutes. The UAV focused on us and the car all this time as we moved from one hiding place to another, underground."