PM Netanyahu
PM Netanyahu Esti Dazyobov, TPS

Attorney Michael Dvorin, a strategic consultant for the Likud's election campaign, on Wednesday spoke about Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's hearing.

The hearing began Wednesday morning at the Justice Ministry, and is expected to last four days.

"When we attribute his wife's bottles of champagne, or jewelry she received, to Netanyahu, then you understand that there's a problem. We're talking about cigarettes - that's what he used. So that's just a small example. They wanted to reach a million shekels - so they put stuff together," Dvorin told Radio 103FM.

"It's the same with the favors that they claim he gave [Shaul] Elovitch for a billion eight hundred million - that's not true factually speaking. So why is the system insisting on something that's not true? Because the system is also in a kind of campaign. So if you ask me, personally, I really hope that the system can pull itself out of this, because this isn't how you hold a hearing.

"On the other hand, the claims of the Prime Minister are excellent. They don't discuss just the severity of the allegations and that it's not so serious, but that in general, in all three cases, he did not commit any crimes. He did not commit any criminal acts.

"All of these cases are unprecedented, and all of these cases are strange. For instance, let's take another example: [Blue and White leader MK] Yair Lapid is a witness for the prosecutor. Yair Lapid, a political rival, is a witness for the prosecution against Netanyahu, in Case 1000."

"Netanyahu is one of the least corrupt people this system has known," he said, adding that in a "major way" the hearing is completely political. "He's not corrupt at all, but he's also one of the cleanest politicians that was ever here."

"He received nothing and he gave nothing. They want to charge him for things [his wife] received. That makes no sense. It's an attempt to attach her things to him. If they wanted, they would charge her. When you talk about a criminal suit, it's either yes or no. These things are not criminal. And I'm not even talking about the fact that he was told by legal advisers that he is allowed to receive gifts from friends.

"After the hearing ends, the public will hear it, the public has to hear it. At the end of the day, there is a public aspect to this as well, and if the prime minister says he's the victim of a witch hunt, then that has to be proven."