Ernie Kaminski
Ernie Kaminski Credit: Shadmot Mehola committee

Ernie Kaminiski is resigning his position as the security coordinator of Shadmot Mehola in the Jordan Valley after 35 years.

Ernie has volunteered over the years for many emergency and security positions, serving as an ambulance driver, police officer, a firefighter in the volunteer firefighter team and more.

Jordan Valley Council Security Division Director Hadas Guzlan said: "Ernie served in his position with great professionalism, diligence and consideration, adhering to the guidelines and acting with great dedication."

"He worked tirelessly for the security of the residents and the community and volunteered to participate in many of the council's activities with love.

''We want to sincerely express our gratitude for many years of contribution to the community. We appreciate and admire your work and wish you a successful, happy new year full of new beginnings."