Boaz Haetzni
Boaz HaetzniGershon Elinson

What was it like to grow up in the shadow of a larger-than-life father?

Why did Ben Gurion agree to allow Gush Etzion to be resettled?

What trick did the Jews returning to Hevron use to get their foot in the door?

Why did Ariel Sharon plan the 2005 Disengagement and why was it a double surprise?

How did the IDF succeed in brainwashing their soldiers to execute the Disengagement from Gush Katif against their own brothers?

Why is Homesh the appropriate place to begin the battle to return to the Gaza Strip?

Tune in to meet Boaz Haetzni, son of the famous right-wing lawyer Elyakim Haetzni, who shares some of the landmark events in Israel's history with the eye of an insider.

A fascinating and insightful show. Not to be missed by anyone with a taste for Israeli history.