Terror victim families recorded a chilling and emotional version of his famous song "Aluf, Ha-Olam, World Champion" with Hanan Ben Ari.

The moving performance is a part of the World- Wide Crowdfunding Campaign for "OneFamily" to continue its financial, emotional and social support for terror victims and their families.

OneFamily shared that beyond the financial dimension, a Crowdfunding Campaign brings people together, creating one large supportive and inclusive circle, in essence creating OneFamily.

By pulling together as One, during the final 36 hours of this campaign and by making our best focused and concerted effort, we can change for the better the future lives of every member of OneFamily, the orphans, the widows and widowers, the bereaved parents and children, the injured and all of their families.

The emotional clip was released Saturday night, featuring representatives from OneFamily; Michal Solomon and her children, Natan Meir, Elazar Rozenfeld and his daughter Hadas Elkayim, Haim Lev Tov, Yael Shevach and her children, Tsofia Felsen Dickstein Eden Mekonen, Hadas Mizrachi and her children, Amichai and Shira Ish-Ran, Louis Mar'ay, Eyal Neufeld, Eden Dadon and more.

The organization offers; Personal Guidance, Professional Psychological Support, Support Centers, Public Representation, Financial & Occupational Assistance, Support Groups, Legal Aid, Workshops & Seminars, Therapeutic Retreats and Camps and an extensive division for bereaved Youth & Young Adults.

Together we will help in defeating terror, one day at a time!

For more details and to participate in the campaign click here