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A young Eritrean man exiting a Tel Aviv court after being indicted for driving with a fake license got back into his vehicle and drove off, Israel Hayom reported.

Fake drivers' licenses are a widespread problem among infiltrators, and police estimate that many more infiltrators drive with no license at all.

The infiltrator, who was caught a month ago during a regular inspection near Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station, was ordered to appear at the Tel Aviv Transportation Court, where the police prosecutor told him that if he is charged, she will request that he serve time.

Another hearing is scheduled for October, and the suspect has been told clearly that he is not allowed to drive under any circumstances, Israel Hayom added.

Meanwhile, the suspect, who was caught by traffic police after leaving the court, is under arrest and an additional indictment has been filed against him, as well as a request that he remain in custody until the completion of proceedings against him.

The infiltrator's lawyer said his client believed that he was allowed to drive using his international license, and requested his release. However, the judge refused to grant the request, extending the suspect's arrest until the completion of proceedings against him.

"To my great surprise, upon exiting the court the suspect continued to drive as if nothing had happened," the judge wrote in his ruling. "Here he is, in front of me, caught for a driving offense after he left the court. He has no Israeli license and from my perspective, maybe his foreign license is valid and maybe it's a foreign license that can be bought on the internet."

"I am looking to protect the security of the public. It is unthinkable that this person left the court after being warned that he might land in jail, and continued driving while making light of the law."