Widow, children of Lt. Col. M accept citation on his behalf
Widow, children of Lt. Col. M accept citation on his behalfIDF Spokesperson

Earlier today, Sunday, a ceremony was held in which the Chief of the General Staff Citation was awarded to Lt. Col. M. for his actions in the special operation in Khan Yunis on November 11th 2018.

The ceremony was held at the home of Lt. Col. M., out of respect for the family. The Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi was accompanied by the Head of the Intelligence Directorate, Maj. Gen. Tamir Heyman and other commanders.

During the ceremony, Lt. Col. M. of the Special Operations Forces in the Military Intelligence Directorate, was posthumously awarded the Chief of the General Staff Citation for his actions in the operation in which he, and his team, operated in enemy territory with determination, composure and bravery, for taking the initiative to defend his friends, for his fighting spirit, for assuming a lead role in assaulting the enemy and for his resourcefulness in advancing the assault.

His widow, children and parents received the award on his behalf.

The Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi: "This is an extraordinary example of outstanding bravery."

"I knew M. from the days when he was a young officer in the Paratrooper’s Brigade. Alongside his many talents, he was a humble man, a forthright man, an honest man, a man with whom what you saw was what you got. The operation in which he was killed was part of an event that could have ended much worse. He made a decision, thanks to which he managed to protect, defend and create the proper conditions to prevent us from descending into a crisis with strategic ramifications.

"I salute M. for this action. Only those who have been in such situations know what power, pressure and weight of decisions is placed on the shoulders and runs through the mind in such a moment.

"I am not the only one filled with appreciation for M.. I speak for the entire IDF when I say thank you for the manner in which he acted to untangle that situation.

"M. was a special officer and will be remembered as an exemplar in the State of Israel. M. was lucky to have had such a wife, and I say to the children, you are lucky to have such a mother and such a family. After all, M. was raised in a place that brought about all this. One cannot miss the might of this family. I thank you on behalf of the IDF. This is not an easy day, but the main thing that should remain is pride. I greatly appreciate M's actions, and even in his absence, I salute him".

Later today, ceremonies will be held in the Israeli Air Force and the Military Intelligence Directorate awarding further citations and certificates of appreciation.