Benny Gantz
Benny GantzKobi Richter/ TPS

The four factions which make up the Joint Arab List met Saturday in Kfar Qasim,to decide whether to support Blue and White leader Benny Gantz as candidate for the next Israeli prime minister.

At the end of the meeting, MK Ahmad Tibi said: "There was a deep and serious discussion, but no decision was made."

The party's factions are scheduled to meet again on Sunday, prior to their scheduled meetings with Israeli President Reuven RIvlin.

On Sunday, Rivlin is scheduled to begin asking partly leaders who their recommendation for Prime Minister is.

If the Joint Arab List does recommend Gantz, the Blue and White leader will have at least 57 MKs recommending him: 33 from his own party, 6 from the joint Gesher-Labor list, 5 from the Democratic Union, and 13 from the Joint Arab List. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu only has the backing of 55 MKs.