President Rivlin visits the Arami family.
President Rivlin visits the Arami family. Credit: President's Residence spokesperson

On Saturday, it will be five years since the murder of Netanel Arami in the "rappelling attack" in Petach Tikvah.

Netanel's mother, Miriam, is furious at the legal authorities who didn't catch the terrorists. "The pain has only grown worse. There's been no closure. The terrorists are still walking about freely. We feel invisible. No one pays attention to us and that adds to our pain. It's a very difficult feeling," Miriam Arami said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"We have a lot of anger at the Israeli police because of the way they handled this despite all their promises. The Shin Bet was also by us, at our home, and promised that there would be answers to all our questions. But we haven't received answers from either the police or the Shin Bet."

"Two years ago, the Shin Bet promised that they were using all their means to capture the terrorists but nothing happened. They don't pay attention to us. I try to contact MKs, Ayelet Shaked who promised us answers but didn't get back to us. Many ministers said they would help. We even tried to set up a meeting with the prime minister."

Netanel's mother said that she is mainly searching for answers. "I see Netanel's children growing up and they have a lot of questions. I have no answers. We don't know what to answer to the children and ourselves as well. We want closure, to know what happened there. Why did they let all the Palestinian workers leave the area? Why didn't they hold them back until the situation was clear?"

"They capture the murderers of everyone and it's not nice of me - but I'm jealous. Why do they catch all the murderers and not the murderer of Netanel? It was at a construction site and not in an open area where it's hard to find people. Someone made a serious error and I believe that it's possible to interrogate the workers who were there and find out who did it."

"My hope is that they will be caught and brought to justice. They should receive nothing less than the death sentence. I told the security forces: "Either bring them dead or they receive the death sentence. They won't sit in the hotel for terrorists [prison]. I won't be able to withstand that. I always get sick before the memorial. It eats my heart out that I lost my child and his murderers weren't brought to justice."

Netanel Armi, who lived in Moshav Achiezer, was murdered in a terrorist incident in 2014, while rappelling from the eleventh floor at a construction site in Petach Tikvah. Arami, 26, was the owner of a rappelling and construction company. On that day, Arami and his employees lowered themselves from the roof and were closing the vents of security rooms in the building.

When the work was almost finished, Arami was found sprawled on the ground. Police investigators arrived at the construction site and launched an investigation into the case. The Shin Bet arrested three suspects during the investigation but they were released after no legal justification was found for their detainment.

Arami left a wife Moriah, who was then three months pregnant and two children, Aviyah, 4, and Eitan, 2.