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The Armenian government decided on Thursday to open an embassy in Israel for the first time since relations were established between the two nations in 1992.

The embassy will be opened in Tel Aviv and not Jerusalem.

In recent years, many diplomats at the Foreign Ministry have worked to improve diplomatic relations with Armenia.

The Foreign Ministry says that " this decision reflects well the significant progress in state relations over the past year."

"The opening of the embassy is a new and important chapter in bilateral relations and we are confident that this will further strengthen the friendship between the two peoples and increase cooperation between the states in all areas," the ministry added.

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz also welcomed the decision. "The Armenian government's decision to open an embassy in Israel is a significant step in the development of bilateral relations."

"Upon its opening, the Armenian Embassy will be the 90th foreign embassy in Israel. This is undoubtedly indicative of the steady rise in Israel's strengthened position in the world. We will continue to work to strengthen Israel's international relations and establish its international position," comments Katz.