NetanyahuEsty Davidov/TPS

Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday called on Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz to establish a broad unity government with him.

“During the elections, I called for the establishment of the right-wing government. But unfortunately the election results show that this is not possible. The people did not decide between the two blocs. Therefore, there is no choice but to form a broad unity government, as broad as possible, made up of all the factions to whom the State of Israel is dear,” Netanyahu said.

“Yesterday, I met with my friends in the right-wing parties and we agreed that we were going as one bloc with one joint delegation into negotiations.

“Now I call on you, MK Benny Gantz: Benny, we must establish a broad unity government today. The people expect us, both of us, to show responsibility and work for cooperation.

“That's why I call on you - Benny, let's meet today, any hour, any time, to kick-start this move which is the order of the day. We are not allowed to reach, and there is no reason for, a third election - I am against it. The order of the day - a broad unity government, today.”

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