D. in court
D. in court Flash 90

The wives of Daniel Ambesh, who had relationships with six women, have appealed to the Supreme Court after their previous appeal to see their husband was rejected, Israel Hayom reported.

Eight years ago, the police raided Ambesh's home and arrested him on suspicion of founding and running a polygamous cult. In October 2013, Ambesh was sentenced to 26 years in prison, on charges of abusing women and children and keeping them in conditions of slavery.

Israel Hayom quoted four of Ambesh's wives, who claim that despite the fact that all of them are recognized as being Ambesh's partners, "he is the only prisoner in Israel who is denied the basic right to meet with his family for eight years."

"Security prisoners, and even the person who murdered a prime minister, are allowed to meet with their families. Only we are prevented from doing so."

Aderet, one of Ambesh's wives, added: "If Daniel were a Bedouin - there would be no problem for all of us to share our lives with him. Even if we lived in Tel Aviv, they would call it polyamory and wink at us. But because we have head coverings and Daniel has a kippah (skullcap), he's in jail - and we are not allowed to meet with him."

In the court's 2013 ruling, it chose to define Ambesh, his wives, and their children, as a sect instead of as a family.