The leaders of the Blue and White Party, Benny Gantz, Yair Lapid, Gabi Ashkenazi and Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday night arrived at party headquarters at the Tel Aviv Port.

Gantz said in his remarks, "We will wait for the true results, but it seems as though we have accomplished the mission, and no less important - we accomplished it in our way. Blue and White was and remains a major and central force in the Israeli political arena."

"As we said, we will now patiently wait for the real results. However, we can say that it appears as though Netanyahu was unsuccessful in his mission. We, on the other hand, proved that the idea called ​​'Blue and White' - a venture we started a little over six months ago - has succeeded, in a big way, and is here to stay.”

“According to the results we currently have, it seems that for the second time, the citizens of Israel have expressed their trust in us. Over a million citizens who decided to say: No to incitement and rifts, and yes to unity. No to corruption and yes to integrity. No to attempts to crush Israeli democracy, yes to statesmanship and the preservation of the State of Israel as Jewish and democratic. We have been promising throughout the campaign, and I pledge that, as far as I'm concerned, tonight, and no matter how it continues, the journey to repair Israeli society begins."

The Blue and White chairman said that the political contacts have already begun.

“I spoke tonight with Amir Peretz and Nitzan Horowitz, and we agreed to meet in the coming days I intend to talk to everyone. I'll talk to Avigdor Liberman in the next few days.”

"Starting tonight, we are working to establish a broad unity government – that will express the wishes of most of the people and society. A government that sets priorities - as we think they should be! In the coming days and weeks, we will act with a desire to bring Israeli society back on track and fulfill the will of the people,” Gantz said.

Ashkenazi said in his remarks that the party has gained experience from the last election and is waiting for the true results of the election. "The task is yet complete, lots of people are still working in the field, counting to make sure the true results will go where we need them. We are experienced, we have come to say thank you and wait for the real results to arrive.”

Ya'alon said, "Already now it is clear - the people have spoken clearly. Despite the campaign of lies, they said no to politics of lies, incitement, polarization and hatred, no to corruption, no to extremism, no to harming the foundations of democracy. I hope that with all the complexity of the political situation we will know how to bring tidings to the people of Israel. Tidings of change and hope.”

Lapid said, “The people of Israel proved today that they are better than their politics and politicians. The extremists are out, fear and hatred are out, incitement and division is out. Today Israeli values returned to the center stage of Israeli politics.”