Moving rightward
Moving rightwardPhoto by Avraham Benita Event photography and projects

Thousands of Likud Party volunteers at Moving Rightward headquarters will flock to dozens of cities and localities this afternoon to encourage Likud voters and the national camp to go to the polls and vote for the 22nd Knesset.

Since the last election, comprehensive staff work and data processing have been undertaken in light of Liberman's retirement from the Right-leaning camp. Volunteer kits were shipped all over the country, from Eilat to Nahariya, in preparation for the big operation.

Starting at 4 p.m. today, thousands of volunteers will be knocking on doors of Right-leaning voters asking them to vote for nationalist parties.

Minister Ze'ev Elkin sent a message to activists yesterday: "I thank the thousands of volunteers so far and urge anyone who loves the Rightist government to join us tomorrow. This is a crucial moment for the State of Israel's continued path."

"All data show that since 2000, the higher the percentage of voters, the more Rightward a victory is guaranteed. The goal of Moving Rightward is to visit neighborhood homes and cities that are pre-identified as cities with a strong tendency to vote for Right-leaning parties but the actual voting rate is relatively low," said Moving Rightward staff Chairman Ido Meushar.

Meushar adds: "In the past day I feel a significant awakening of the public from settlements and religious Zionist concentrations. The public recognizes the importance of raising voting percentages which is critical to a Right victory, and in order to take people out of their complacency, thousands of other activists have been recruited. I call on everyone to whom Rightist rule is important to join Moving Rightward to come and help the national camp win."