Police at polling station
Police at polling stationPolice Spokesperson

A polling station in the Arab city of Umm al-Fahm was closed for an hour by police after Arabs rioted at the scene.

A Likud observer began filming people at the station. He was removed from the compound by the police, after which a crowd of people began to gather.

For fear of violence, police decided to close the polling station for an hour, until they had finished handling the incident.

Another disturbance of order is being handled by police forces in the city of Ariel.

As of early morning, police have been prepared with increased forces at polling stations across the country in order to maintain order and security, and to make sure the democratic process is carried out properly in accordance with the law.

Along with the operational preparedness of thousands of police officers and border policemen at polling stations, police are also working to give proper response for routine events and for the hundreds of thousands of travelers expected to hit recreation sites, parks, beaches and roads on the day off for the election.