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polling station Esti Davidov/TPS

The Hapeles newspaper, affiliated with the Yerushalmi Faction, a fringe haredi movement which opposes any cooperation with IDF draft boards, called on haredi voters Tuesday to boycott the elections and not vote for the United Torah Judaism party.

"One who votes for these representatives helps transgressors," the newspaper said.

Their official position was unveiled last week as they made it clear that they would not take part in the upcoming election campaign.

"Bnei HaTorah will not go to the polls and do not support haredi lists that have gone astray," Hapeles said.

This position joins that of “Edah Haharedit,”, which also published a 'ban' on participating in the elections, as it does during every election period.

"The Knesset elections are not only of no use, but they entail a grave desecration of G-d’s name and a joining of the wicked and their destructive actions, and how terrible and bitter is the sin of the elected representatives, who declare allegiance to the idolatrous laws of the Knesset. According to them, they stand above Torah law, and our holy Torah is eternal and no one can cancel it," the announcement distributed on Jerusalem streets read.