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"Pop-Up" Travel Sukkahs are the ultimate in portable convenience. Whether you're on the road, living on your own, or need a solution for when you're out on the town and don't have a permanent sukkah nearby, they're a great way to be able to avoid having the problems that come when you need a sukkah and there's none to be found.

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PLUS they come with a *FREE* mehadrin bamboo schach mat, made of bamboo slats woven together with raffia - 100% natural and unprocessed, so that you can don't need to compromise on performing the mitzvah of sukkah and schach in the most ideal way possible.

The mehadrin bamboo schach mats are certified kosher by the Star-K for mehadrin use (no monofilament wires; all natural).

The "Pop-Up" Travel Sukkah and their bamboo mats come with a durable polyester canvas carrying bag for storage and to make carrying as easy as possible.

"Pop-Up" Travel Sukkahs come with an 18-month manufacturer's limited warranty to cover against any defects in workmanship.