Celebrity Israeli chef Eyal Shani rapped in a YouTube video in an effort to raise money to provide sandwiches for Israeli school children who can not afford to bring their own from home.

“There are some things that, for them, I am ready to sing,” he says at the start of the video, while seated in an empty classroom.

Shani, who was a judge on Israel’s Master Chef, is volunteering on behalf of NEVET: Sandwich For Every Child, which every day provides sandwiches in schools for thousands of Israel children, including Haredi, secular, Arab, Bedouin and Druze.

NEVET, which means sprout, was founded by the food rescue organization Leket Israel.

Shani is known for his restaurant chain Miznon, which has branches in New York, Paris, Vienna and Melbourne. He opened a branch of his high-end HaSalon restaurant, which is known for its party atmosphere, this year in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, which was skewered by a food critic for a $24 tomato appetizer .