MK Rabbi Eichler
MK Rabbi Eichler Flash 90

MK Yisrael Eichler (UTJ) expressed concern on Sunday that elections inspectors could delay traffic at haredi voting stations and demanded that the election committee clarify the boundaries of the inspectors' authority.

In an urgent appeal to the Deputy Chairman of the Election Commission Committee, MK David Bitan (Likud), and UTJ representatives on the committee, Eichler warned: "There is a reasonable risk that thousands of supervisors, including anti-haredi lawyers, will delay the voting process at haredi voting stations on grounds of scrutiny."

"Lawyers know how to delay processes," Eichler added. "They create long lines in order to tire out [the voters] and send them to the end of the line. We must ensure that the inspectors are not authorized to delay lines since this would clearly be a disruption of the elections."

The UTJ representatives on the election committee responded that the inspectors have no authority to delay voting on any grounds. "The only authority given to them is to video the course of the day at the voting station and nothing else."

Eichler urged the election committee to immediately instruct the heads of the voting stations to not allow the supervisors to delay voting and to emphasize the limits of their positions to the supervisors.

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