Rivlin at meeting
Rivlin at meeting Mark Neiman (GPO)

President Reuven Rivlin today, Sunday, met with representatives of an initiative which aims to bring members of the haredi community into the workforce in high-quality employment.

The meeting was held at Beit HaNasi.

The Jewish Funders’ Network (JFN) began the initiative in 2018 in order to encourage cooperation between government ministries and civil society. Shaldor Strategy Consulting was chosen to identify the major obstacles and underlying problems, to set out possible courses of action and to find where practical solutions could be created. The initiative is headed by Chaviva Eisler, who presented the president with the findings of the strategic process and the progress made so far.

The president congratulated the participants and noted that he would be happy to continue to accompany the project as implementation leads to results on the ground.

He also added that in the current Israeli reality, the initiative was more important than ever.