'This is the plan'
'This is the plan' Naftali Bennett, Yamina

Likud officials say that the map released this morning, Sunday, by Naftali Bennett, allegedly depicting the map proposed by the Americans under the "Deal of the Century," is incorrect.

A statement from Likud said, "The map that Bennett, Smotrich and Shaked are advertising - is incorrect and not part of Trump's Deal of the Century. Absolute Fake News.”

"It is unclear why Bennett, Smotrich and Shaked are ready to hurt the sensitive relationship with the Trump administration just to garner some media headlines," the Likud statement said.

Likud added, "Trump's ‘Deal of the Century’' will come immediately after elections on Tuesday, and Israeli citizens have to decide who they want to send to negotiate with President Trump - his close friend Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who protected the land of Israel for the 8 years of Obama and brought about great achievements from the Trump administration, or Yair Lapid, who wants to evacuate 90 thousand settlers, and with whom nobody serious in the US is even familiar.”

Earlier, Bennett presented a map of Judea and Samaria which emphasizes the expected danger to Jewish communities, large and small, due to the Palestinian Arab envelope that would allegedly surround them according to the Trump administration peace plan.

Bennett wrote alongside the map he presents:

“This is the ‘Deal of the Century’ that will hit us immediately after the election.

Black - Palestine. Over 90% of the area.

White - Individual ‘islands’ in an ocean of Palestine. Surrounded 360 degrees by Hamas, Tanzim, the PLO.

A nightmare for every resident of Ariel, Ofra and Kiryat Arba. The end of settlement.

Only Yamina will stop the plan for islands in Palestine."