Terrorist on a cellular phone (illustration)
Terrorist on a cellular phone (illustration) iStock

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) announced on Saturday night that 36 jailed terrorists launched a hunger strike following the installation of cellular jamming devices at the prison.

The prisoners were tried, punished and transferred to isolated cells with only a mattress and a blanket.

"We will continue to take firm action against hunger strikes, violations of order and threats and no negotiations will be held regarding the setting of jamming devices in accordance with the policy of the Israel Prisons Service acting chief commissioner Asher Vaknin," the IPS said.

The IPS further stated that, given the effectiveness of the jamming devices, which comply with the Ministry of the Environment's standards, IPS intends to expand their installation to all the security departments in Israel.

Terrorists have several times in the past used the method of hunger strikes in order to pressure Israel to release them or improve the conditions of their imprisonment.

Israel has in the past caved to the pressure and released some hunger strikers.