Binyamin Netanyahu speaks out on Blue and White union, Feb. 21st
Binyamin Netanyahu speaks out on Blue and White union, Feb. 21stTomer Neuberg/Flash90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu requested to have an emergency meeting with the Central Elections Committee Chairman Hanan Melcer on Saturday evening "in order to ensure that there won't election theft."

According to a statement by the Likud, Netanyahu's request came as a result of an investigation by a Maariv journalist published on Friday. The Maariv report indicated that Likud complaints of voter fraud were not properly examined in a timely fashion after the previous elections in April and it's possible that if they would have been properly examined on time, Israel would not be voting again this week.

The report said that 82 people filed complaints about fraud in Arab areas but police investigated only two of the complaints.

"The ones responsible for the integrity of the Israeli elections are not fitting of being entrusted with this sacred work," the report said. "Central Election Commission Chairman Hanan Melcer at best did nothing to examine voter fraud in the previous election, and at worst, fought with all his strength for his own reasons that any mistakes in counting which were revealed would not be corrected."

A Central Elections Commission spokesperson said that it had not received any request for a meeting from the Prime Minister's Office as of Saturday night.

MK David Bitan, the Likud representative in the Election Commission said he would send an official request by late Saturday night.