Prison (illustrative)
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Arabs hid cellular phones on their bodies, and committed petty crimes in an attempt to get themselves caught and sent to prison, where they would pass the phones on to imprisoned terrorists.

The Arabs did succeed in getting themselves arrested, with the phones still in their bodies so that they could bring them into the prisons for use in planning terror attacks.

Since the beginning of 2019, 168 cellular phones intended for use by security prisoners have been confiscated by Israel Prison Services officials.

In the past two days, prison guards at the Ofer Prison foiled two attempts by Arabs to bring cellular phones into the prison. In both attempts, the Arabs involved belonged to terror groups, and in both attempts, they hid the phones in their bodies.

Upon their arrival at the prison, the Arab visitors aroused the suspicions of the prison guards. After they were interrogated and inspected, they excreted 12 cellular phones from their bodies. The incidents are being investigated, and the suspects have been placed in isolation.

Rafi Jenna, who commands the Ofer Prison, said: "The attempts to smuggle phones and forbidden equipment into the Ofer Prison are constantly occurring, in every fashion. Thanks to the alertness and professional work of the jailers, we foil the attempts to smuggle cellular phones in, and we prevent terrorist activity from taking place inside the prison."

The phones swallowed by a Hamas terrorist
The phones swallowed by a Hamas terrorist Credit: Israel Prison Services